Informations of the Allschwil HP-Meeting on November 3rd:


In the last few years our meeting has become bigger and bigger. Last time we noticed that the capacities of our room became too small. That's why we looked around for larger rooms. The meeting will therefore no longer take place in Allschwil itself, but in a neighboring community. Nevertheless, we want to keep the name "Allschwil HP Meeting".

Meeting Location: Pfarreiheim Oberwil
Kummelenstrasse 3
4104 Oberwil

Mobile: 0041 79 606 35 96
GPS Coords: N47.51343 E7.55334

To download the sitemap, click .


Programm and Schedule:

One week before the meeting the schedule appears. The sequence of the presentations is derived from the publication date of the computers. Depending on your needs, questions, breakdowns, there may be minor time shifts. So, our schedule is not absolute. Only the times for the beginning (10.00 am) and the dinner (18.30 pm) we would like to keep clearly.

10.00 am Beginning of the meeting  
10.30 am Installation time  
11.00 am .Hans Klaver HP35 SOS, an emulated stack-overflow sensing HP35
11.30 am .Bernhard Emese How to install the Woodstock LP
12.30 pm .Meindert Kuipers Some solutions for rechargable batteries for HP41's
12.45 pm .Angel Martin HP-41 EEE experience
14.00 pm Lunch pause  
15.15 pm Official Meeting Photo  
15.30 pm .Sylvain Cote 41CL Update v1.1
16.00 pm .Sylvain Cote HP-IL Compendium
16.30 pm .Walter Bonin & Martin Lorang Current Status of the WP43S Project
17.30 pm .Christoph Giesselink Continuous development of all Emu's
18.15 pm .Thomas Klemm Short introduction to PostScript or how to 2D print a slide rule
18.45 pm Boxing time  
19.30 pm Dinner is served  
23.00 pm House cleaning  
24.00 pm House is locked  

Registration and participants:

The meeting is open to everyone: HP enthusiasts, collectors, inventors, software developers, hardware cracks, nostalgics. But in order to plan the meeting we need a written registration from you. You can download the registration form .
We have a very international line-up, of which we are very proud. So far the following persons from 8 countries have registered:

Matthias Wehrli Switzerland (Host)
Hans-Peter Bieger Switzerland (Host)
Patrik Werren Switzerland
Michael Werren Switzerland
Christoph Giesselink Germany
Walter Bonin Germany
Thomas Klemm Switzerland
Bruce Horrocks United Kingdom
Meindert Kuipers Netherlands
Ciancarlo Cotrufo Italy
Carsten Wenzke Germany
Martin Lorang France
Jean-Francois Garnier France
Guenter Schink Germany
Horst Hoffmann Germany
Angel Martin Spain
Sylvain Cote Canada
Hans Klaver Netherlands
Tobie Niggli Switzerland
Michael Steinmann Switzerland
Rainer Meng Switzerland
Bernhard Emese Germany
Juergen Keller Switzerland
Patrice Torchet France

Sale, exchange and free stuff:

Like every year there will be a big flea market. HP-Collection has taken numerous units from the collection and will sell them on the flea market or offer them for exchange.
All participants are free to sell and trade their own stuff, for shure. From my sire I will sell / trade the following items:

  • HP 32SII
  • HP 35
  • HP 41C, CV, CX
  • HP 45
  • HP 48
  • HP 75C
  • HP 75D with POD
  • HP 82168A Acoustic Coupler
  • HP 82169 HPIL/IB Interface
  • HP 82240A IR Printer (Red Eye)
  • HP 92267 Wand for HP 75D
  • HP 9114B Floppy (untested)
  • HP 82161A Cassette Drive (original boxed)
  • HP 3421A Data Aquaisitions / Control unit
  • HP 41: XFunc., Extended I/O, Security Pac, Machine Design, GMAC III, IR module
  • HP 75: Math (boxed)
  • HP 48: HP 82211B Solve Eq. Library (original boxed)
  • HP IL cables
  • HP 82176A mini cassettes (original sealed)
  • Extend your HP-41
  • HP Thinkjet Printer Manual


Matthias Wehrli

november, 3rd