HP-41 Accessories:

This is a table of many accessories for your HP41C/CV/CX. Note, that this list is incomplete. Feel free to offer me not documented items.
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[ Miscellaneous ]

Mass Storages:

Type HP 82104A Card Reader
Capacity ?

Type Rambox W&W
Capacity 32KB

Type Rambox Eramco
Capacity 64KB

Type Rambox Eramco ESCR-RSU-2
Capacity ?

Type MLDL 2000 (by Meindert Kuipers)
Capacity 255 ROM banks in FLASH (each 4KB)
64 banks of SRAM memory (each 4KB) 

Type MBK ProfiSet
Capacity 16KB and 32KB exists

EPROM Boxes:

Type HHP Portable EPROM Box (32K)
EPROM used U2: 1x 2732 (4K) to 2764 (8K)
L8: 1x 2764 (8K) to 27256 (32K)

Type David Eprom Box (16K)
EPROM used 1x 2716 & 1x 2732 (4K)
1x 2716 & 1x 2764 (8K)
2x 2716 & 2x 2764 (16K)

Type Hepax ROMbox (32K)
EPROM used 1x 27C256 CMOS

Type HHP 41C ROM Emulator (16K/32K)
EPROM used U2: 1x 2716 (2K) to 2732 (4K)
L8: 2x 2732 (4K) or 2764 (8K)

Type MBK Eprom-Box
EPROM used 1x 2732 (4K)
2x 2764 (8K)

Type Andreas Meyer´s EPROM Box 24K
EPROM used 12x 2716 (2K)

Type Skip (former SICAPE)
EPROM used U2: 2716 (4K) to 2764 (16K)
L8: 2732 (4K) to 27128 (16K)

EPROM used U2: 6x 2716 (2K)
L8: 6x 2732 (4K)


Type EPROM programmer interface (CMT)
Features - for CMT EPROM modules (16k)
- needs GTek EPROM programmer

Type ZEPROM programmer (Zengrange)
Features - for ZEPROM modules (16k)
- needs ZEPROM programmer software

Type ZEPROM programmer (Diego Diaz)
Features - for ZEPROM modules (16k)
- needs ZEPROM programmer software

Type ZEPROM programmer (Zengrange)
Features - for 8 ZEPROM modules (16k)
- 8 ports (1 master and up to 8 clients)
- can use different baut rates

Type ZEPROM programmer (Firmware)
Features - for 2 ZEPROM modules (16k)
- centronics port

Type Clonix PIC programmer (Diego Diaz)
Features - for Clonix /NoVRam modules
- serial port for using it on a PC

Type Clonix PICKIT2 programmer (Diego Diaz)
Features - for Clonix / NoVRam/ NoV module serie
- USB-interface for modern PC

Features 2716 to 27128
Type ProtoPario & ProtoEPROM
Features ???

Port Extenders:

Type AME Port Xtender
Features - 7 ports
- battery buffered
- 12 configuration dips

Type Corvallis Port Extender 4100
Features - 6 ports
- battery buffered

Type S.I.C.A.P.E
Features - 8 ports
- battery buffered
- 8 configuration dips

Type Corvallis CT
Features - 6 ports


Type HP 82153 Wand
Features -

Type HP 3421A Data Acquisition Control Unit
Features - measures DC/AC from 10µV to 300V
- 10kHz counter
- HP-IL interface control
- expandable by Multiplexing Assemblys

Type HP 3468A/B Digital Multimeter
Features - measures DC from 1µvolt to 300volts
- measures resistance from 1Ω to 30MΩ
- measures current from 10µA to 3A
- HP-IL interface control

Type Geodimeter Data Recording unit
Features - build-in software
- additional battery power

Type CO-OP Data Collector
Features -

Type Kern DIF41
Features - Interface for Kern Theodolites

Type Kern DataLink DL40
Features - DIF41 to PC Interface

Type CMT-100 Application Module Simulator
Features -.

Type CMT-110 Custom ROM Development Tool
Features -.

Type CMT-200 Data Acquisition Control Unit
Features -.

Type CMT-300 Programmable Measurement System
Features - DC voltage 0.2V - 350V
- AC voltage 2V - 350V
- Resistance 2kΩ to 2MΩ
- DC Current 0.2A
- AC Current 0.2A

Type IL-Controlinterface
Features - Alternative to HP 82166A IL-Converter
- design Christoph Klug for PRISMA 3/4 1990

Type IL2000 Modular Interface for HP-41
Features - HP 82166A IL-Converter by Walcher GE
- compatible to I/O-Boards Interface System
- design by Christoph Klug

Type Zengrange Hardcase
Features - waterproof

Type Stand
Features - easy to fold and very light

Type Stand
Features - flat