Review of the HP-Meeting on September 20th in Allschwil, Switzerland:

The following persons participated on this meeting:

Above from the left to the right:
  • Christoph Giesselink (DE)
  • Emmanuel Compes (F)
  • Christoph Klug (DE)
  • Michael Faulhaber (DE)
Bottom from the left to the right:
  • Daniel Diggelmann (CH)
  • Ángel Martin (DE)
  • Manfred Künzler (CH)
  • Jean-Francois Garnier (F)
  • Raymond del Tondo (DE)

Certainly I was there too, as host. I´m not on the picture cause I took it..

I did not provide a schedule for the meeting with the intension that we have sufficient time to chat because most of us have never met another participant before. In addition I didn´t want to let the meeting run under time pressure.
Between 12h and 18h most participants offered short presentations on their partially self-builded hard- and software. The interest of the other participants was large thereby. Generally there was a nearly familiar atmosphere during the whole meeting. The following workshop were offered:

Emmanuel Compes:

Christoph Giesselink:

Christoph Klug:

Raymond del Tondo:

Jean-Fraincois Garnier:
  • Burning of HP-41 ZEPROMs
  • Writing on HP-41 EPROMs and various formats
  • Different emulations of pioneer calcs
  • Presentation of his modified HP-28S with RS-232C interface
  • Presentation of his I/O board for the HP-41
  • Measurement system for the HP-41
  • Special version of his CCD module
  • W&W HP-IL interface for the HP-48GX
  • Presentation of his Emul41/71 with real HP-IL support

On the workbench we had a great exposition of exotic handheld computer parts and accessories:

  • A HP-IL module prototype from Jean-Francois Garnier and some HP-IL hardware he designed for Kristal S.A. informatique
  • A great HP41 EPROMbox collection from Emmanuel Compes, plus advanced programming tools like Zenrom and ZEPROM burner
  • A I/O board and IL2000 hardware interface and measurment system from Christoph Klug
  • Some emulator prototype software solutions from Christoph Giesselink
  • A brand new HP-49G+, presented by Daniel Diggelmann and Manfred Künzler


The meeting was very interesting for all of us. For lack of time we could not accomplish various interesting workshops. So we decided to hold further meetings in heart of Europe.

The next meeting will be on November 27th 2004 in Allschwil. Please send a email to to let me know, that you want to take part.