Codename: Silverbird
Family: Coconut
Introduction Date: December 15, 1980
Introduction Price: $325
Discontinuation Date: January 1, 1990
Discontinuation Price: $175
Type: Scientific, Programmable
Logic: RPN
Made in (known): USA, Singapore
Display: LCD, 10 Characters
ROM: 12 Kilobytes
RAM: 319 Registers
Processor: Coconut 1LE3, ca 400kHz
Size: 14,3cm x 7,8cm x 3,3cm
Weight: 205 gramm
  • Older items have a square display (Fullnut), newer have a rounded display (Halfnut).
  • ROM-Versions: GFF, HFF
  • System I (HP-41CC) is an HP-41CV and card reader combination for $495
  • System II (HP-41CS) is an HP-41CV, card reader and printer combination for $840.