Codename: Sage
Family: Spice
Introduction Date: May 1, 1978
Introduction Price: $100
Discontinuation Date: December 1, 1981
Discontinuation Price: $90
Type: Scientific, Programmable
Logic: RPN
Made in (known): USA, Singapore
Display: LED, 10 Characters
ROM: ?
RAM: 140 Bytes
Processor: AMI
Size: 14cm x 7,5cm x 3cm
Weight: 220 gramm
  • Versions: Some 33E had a metallic keypad and a smooth finish with metallic gold or silver trim. On other versions the keypad was plastic and the trim was light grey or light brown.
  • Selftest: Press STO and ENTER. After some seconds, all segments in the display will light to indicate the calculator passed the test. Pressing any key gives the fault number for types of failures.